You have one body, one life. Choose to love it. :)

Heeey, nice to meet you. :)
Well, I'm 16, and hoping to get a flat stomach. This is a HEALTHY weighloss blog, aaand it's also my only personal blog, in which I am honest. I really am going to try to stay positive (trying to commit to it), but I can't promise anything. Hope you guys understand...
And I'm always here if you want to talk. Seriously. We're all in this together.

Just ask for the password :)

DOES ANYONE HAVE WHATSAPP, VIBER, MSN OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT? I don't have all that much self control and I would really like to talk to someone when I want to eat chocolate and stuff. I don't know, we could help each other. :)
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he just became like 50% carrot

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I think the hardest person to love is yourself.


Just in case no one told you today:

  • Good morning
  • You’re beautiful
  • I love you
  • Nice butt

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'if you're going through hell, keep going' - Winston Churchill (Stitching Art)

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"when women wear makeup they’re basically lying to us" well i don’t see why i’m being blamed for a man stupid enough to really think i have red and gold eyelids

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Pin by Anna Lovegood ღ on Kenza :) | Pinterest on We Heart It

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learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else 🌀

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Thinking youre attractive but having a lot of insecurities is like having a crush on yourself but not knowing if you like yourself back.


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